Monday, July 21, 2008

Lifestyle Lift Foundation

How Does Lifestyle Lift Foundation Treat Vascular Birthmarks?

Lifestyle Lift Foundation was formed in the year 2006 by Dr David M. Kent, who had earlier developed the revolutionary Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure. The Foundation works to treat and help children with vascular birth marks. The main aim of the Lifestyle Lift Foundation is to educate the parents of such children to known the seriousness of the condition and to bring the treatment to the child.

A vascular birthmark can be anything from a hemangioma to a malformation. Port Wine Stains (PWS), Capillary Malformations, Venous malformations, Arterio-venous malformations are types of vascular malformations that affect children. The vascular malformations are very different from hemangioma and they grow differently. As a result their treatment is done differently. It is necessary to get a treatment as in some cases the growth of the birthmark can be potentially dangerous as it could hinder the workings of one’s vision, hearing, breathing, or eating. When multiple hemangiomas occur then there is a chance for life threatening internal hemangioma also.

30% of children born each year have some kind of vascular birthmark on them. One should get a child’s vascular birthmark checked by a specialist as soon as possible. In the past, a specialist would tell of a possible treatment plan if any is needed. However the chances are that the specialist will tell one to wait a few years till the growth subsides and then the required step is taken. Today, such archaic views about vascular birthmarks are not acceptable. Many a times, it is seen that some sort of procedure to remove the birthmark is done because the birthmark is too troublesome. Lifestyle Lift Foundation works to remove the waiting time and getting to work on the problematic vascular birthmark as soon as possible.

The treatment by Lifestyle Lift Foundation starts with observation, where the vascular birthmark is scrutinized for a period of time and the course of treatment is decided upon. Steroids can be given to the child in small doses if the vascular birthmark is seen to be proliferating too rapidly by the Lifestyle Lift Foundation. Often pulse dyed laser is used to treat superficial hemangioma. The laser reduces the proliferation and treats ulcerated hemangiomas. Nd:YAG laser is utilized by the Lifestyle Lift foundation to treat deep hemangiomas. The KTP laser is used on lesions in the airway. Resurfacing lasers are used for scar revision and improving the skin’s structure after the birthmark is done involuting. Surgery is also an option, however treating hemangiomas with surgery is considered problematic because of the risks involved due to hemorrhaging. But there are doctors who can do the procedure and the Lifestyle Lift Foundation works to train doctors in the treatment similar treatment is needed for vascular malformation. But the problem with malformations is that it can grow even if a small part is not removed. In many such cases embolization or sclerotherapy can be used by the Lifestyle Lift Foundation to stop the flow of blood to the malformation. It is very much possible for the child to have a normal life if one trusts the judgement made by the experts at Lifestyle Lift Foundation.