Thursday, July 24, 2008

What makes Lifestyle Lift so different?

Do you want to feel the same ecstasy that you felt years ago, when people waking past used to notice you and admire your flawless glowing skin? For many, it can be quite depressing when you dig up the fact that you are experiencing the signs of becoming old. It may be distressing to glance in the mirror and find excess skin hanging from chin. Nevertheless, with technological and scientific advancement, several solution are introduced that can be used to appear and feel young again. Developed by Doctor David M. Kent, the Lifestyle Lift is different and more reliable as compared to the cosmetic procedures that take longer to perform and are more painful and requires more time to recover.

The main reason behind developing Lifestyle Lift was to make men and women look younger beyond their age. Compared to other traditional procedures, Lifestyle Lift is so reliable that those who have had the procedure continued with their day today activities quickly. This is one of the most vital reasons that make this procedure so different.

Lifestyle Lift is a subtle procedure that is solely performed by physicians who are experts at crafting your looks with less bruising as well as less recovery time. The best part that makes it different from others is that it is totally safe and free from any application or use of harmful drugs like general anesthetics. It is performed with local anesthesia that makes the whole procedure free from risk and drawbacks of general anesthesia.

Another great aspect of Lifestyle Lift is that the entire procedure requires only about an hour and the results are instant. Lifestyle Lift is a revolutionary procedure that is noteworthy for its outstanding satisfaction. It can help reduce loose skin around the neck, face, jaw, and wrinkles in the face, deep creases and several other aging signs. Lifestyle Lift is a great choice for all the people who want to get rid of such aging signs.

Apart from being reliable and quick, Lifestyle Lift is inexpensive. Summing up the Lifestyle Lift, it can be said that it is much easier, safer and cheaper than the rest of the other conventional and old ways. Approach your nearest Lifestyle Lift center, if you want any personal consultation. In these centers you can also see the newspapers and magazines of all over the world that has demonstrated the outstanding results of Lifestyle Lift. You can make out how it is far more superior to the other way by examining the before and after pictures of the procedure. You can also learn more about what this amazing procedure can do for you and known the reason behind why flocks of people have already had the Lifestyle Lift procedure.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What can Lifestyle Lift do for me?

Have you ever felt that your face does not do justice to your age? You feel young at heart but you look like a grandmother. When you look at a mirror, you can see the consequence of aging on your face and as a result, you also feel aged no matter how young you are. In this current age, due to increasing mental and physical stress, many men and women experience the signs of aging a little too early. The mirror no longer shows the reflection of one’s age, but of the toils and troubles of one’s own life. Then, how can one fight this? The idea of a plastic surgery comes to mind, but we all know that the thought of a plastic surgery slightly abhorring as one has to go through an actual surgery, and the end result is always unexpected, one can always end up looking like complete stranger if the proper person does not do the whole procedure properly. There is a choice for those who want to look young again; Lifestyle Lift can make it happen.

Lifestyle Lift

Lifestyle Lift offers a facial firming procedure that is inexpensive and guarantees a long lasting, young look, as each Lifestyle Lift procedure is done according to the individual person. The person’s face is analyzed, and accordingly, during the procedure, the loose facial muscles are repositioned with the help of permanent sutures, any extra remaining skin is removed. Some liposuction on the face can also be done to further enhance a person’s look. The whole produce is carried out with local anesthesia, as a result there are no chances of complication that arise from general anesthesia, and the person is fit enough to leave the Lifestyle Lift facilities the very day of the procedure. Doctors who are experts in the field of plastic surgery and facial surgery conduct the procedure. No other doctor with any other specialty is trained to do the Lifestyle Lift. All of Lifestyle Lift’s doctors are Board Certified or at least Board Eligible to perform the procedure. As a result, what one gets out of the experience is a youthful look that is long lasting, inexpensive, evasive, fast, with almost no distress at all.

How is Lifestyle Lift Different from a Threadlift?

To most, Lifestyle Lift may seem like a ThreadLift but Lifestyle Lift is different from a ThreadLift as in a ThreadLift procedure, sutures that shaped like barbwire are used to relocate the muscles. The result of a Lifestyle Lift procedure is more long lasting than any ThreadLift. The Lifestyle Lift procedure concentrates on the jaw line, wrinkles, and frown lines. Due to prolonged exposure to the sun and subsequent deposition of fat as these areas, these are the parts that show the most aging. When jowls and fat deposits become visible around the neck or if the face looks over aged then the Lifestyle Lift is a viable choice for anyone who wishes to look young. To get a personal consultation, approach the nearest Lifestyle Lift center.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Who founded Lifestyle Lift?

The Lifestyle Lift is a procedure that can bring back an individual’s lost beauty and can make him/her look young, just as they feel in their heart. Today, it’s possible for anyone to look younger, refreshed and completely natural with the help of Lifestyle Lift. Most women or men have no choice but to just live with their aging looks or get some big expensive procedure. Now they have the choice - A Lifestyle Lift procedure by Lifestyle Lift center that can transform their looks for the better.

The procedure was discovered by Dr David M. Kent in 2001. Dr Kent is a well known figure in the field of facial plastic surgery. He has additional experience in head and neck trauma, head and neck cancer and pediatric head and neck surgeries. When a patient came to him seeking his advice on improving her looks, Dr Kent realized that the woman did not need a traditional cosmetic surgery as such but needed something that was effective in addressing the main issues that crop from aging skin. Dr Kent set about to do a new procedure on the woman and the woman was very impressed by the results. What was more amazing was that the woman was able to go back to her way of life soon after the procedure. The change affected her personal and professional life positively also. Dr Kent named the procedure Lifestyle Lift.

Basically, the Lifestyle Lift procedure gathers the loose facial muscles under the skin with sutures to make the face look younger and attractive again. The process is fast and safe as the whole procedure is done under local anesthesia so that the person undergoing it is safe from the ill effects of general anesthesia. A person can ask for additional processes at Lifestyle Lift to get the look they desire. By using all these techniques, the dream of looking younger can come true for every woman or man. Another advantage of Lifestyle Lift is that it is relatively cheaper than other traditional face lift or plastic surgery procedures and the results last the same as that of any other traditional method.

The Lifestyle Lift procedure works wonders in dramatically increasing the youthful look of the face.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Lifestyle Lift Foundation

How Does Lifestyle Lift Foundation Treat Vascular Birthmarks?

Lifestyle Lift Foundation was formed in the year 2006 by Dr David M. Kent, who had earlier developed the revolutionary Lifestyle Lift facial firming procedure. The Foundation works to treat and help children with vascular birth marks. The main aim of the Lifestyle Lift Foundation is to educate the parents of such children to known the seriousness of the condition and to bring the treatment to the child.

A vascular birthmark can be anything from a hemangioma to a malformation. Port Wine Stains (PWS), Capillary Malformations, Venous malformations, Arterio-venous malformations are types of vascular malformations that affect children. The vascular malformations are very different from hemangioma and they grow differently. As a result their treatment is done differently. It is necessary to get a treatment as in some cases the growth of the birthmark can be potentially dangerous as it could hinder the workings of one’s vision, hearing, breathing, or eating. When multiple hemangiomas occur then there is a chance for life threatening internal hemangioma also.

30% of children born each year have some kind of vascular birthmark on them. One should get a child’s vascular birthmark checked by a specialist as soon as possible. In the past, a specialist would tell of a possible treatment plan if any is needed. However the chances are that the specialist will tell one to wait a few years till the growth subsides and then the required step is taken. Today, such archaic views about vascular birthmarks are not acceptable. Many a times, it is seen that some sort of procedure to remove the birthmark is done because the birthmark is too troublesome. Lifestyle Lift Foundation works to remove the waiting time and getting to work on the problematic vascular birthmark as soon as possible.

The treatment by Lifestyle Lift Foundation starts with observation, where the vascular birthmark is scrutinized for a period of time and the course of treatment is decided upon. Steroids can be given to the child in small doses if the vascular birthmark is seen to be proliferating too rapidly by the Lifestyle Lift Foundation. Often pulse dyed laser is used to treat superficial hemangioma. The laser reduces the proliferation and treats ulcerated hemangiomas. Nd:YAG laser is utilized by the Lifestyle Lift foundation to treat deep hemangiomas. The KTP laser is used on lesions in the airway. Resurfacing lasers are used for scar revision and improving the skin’s structure after the birthmark is done involuting. Surgery is also an option, however treating hemangiomas with surgery is considered problematic because of the risks involved due to hemorrhaging. But there are doctors who can do the procedure and the Lifestyle Lift Foundation works to train doctors in the treatment similar treatment is needed for vascular malformation. But the problem with malformations is that it can grow even if a small part is not removed. In many such cases embolization or sclerotherapy can be used by the Lifestyle Lift Foundation to stop the flow of blood to the malformation. It is very much possible for the child to have a normal life if one trusts the judgement made by the experts at Lifestyle Lift Foundation.

Friday, July 18, 2008

About Lifestyle Lift

Advantages of Lifestyle Lift

A person’s age is one of those few things that a person can’t hide from being revealed. Owing to many reasons, like sunrays, pollution, age and stress, one tends to look older than one’s age. Signs of age like sagging jaw line, fatty folds and loose skin become visible around the eyes and all over the face. Thanks to Lifestyle Lift you can now effortlessly get rid of most of it all and get back to your charming own old self. There is no doubt that a Lifestyle Lift has many advantages over other traditional ways of face-lifts. Read on to know some such advantages of this wonderful procedure called Lifestyle Lift.

Lifestyle Lift is Quicker in Recovery

When talking about the advantages of a Lifestyle Lift, one can’t forget mentioning the quick recovery time. Unlike a traditional plastic surgery that requires a huge recovery time, a Lifestyle Lift requires a short recovery. People undergoing Lifestyle Lift are generally able to get back to their work sooner as compared to the ones who undergo a traditional plastic surgery or any other cosmetic surgery procedure.

Lifestyle Lift is Safer than other Procedures

Another great advantage of a Lifestyle Lift is that it is safer than the other cosmetic procedures. In other procedures there are greater chances of complications and risks, but this is not the case with a Lifestyle Lift procedure. Only specialized doctors are permitted to perform this procedure and therefore it becomes as one of the safest procedures. Moreover, there are only few chances of risks and complications in this procedure and those risks can also be handled with ease without any side effects.

Lifestyle Lift gives most natural results

By now you know that a Lifestyle Lift is better than other cosmetic treatments as it is safer and faster to recover. The third advantage of a Lifestyle Lift is that it ends up giving the most natural looking results. Often people look unnatural or totally different after a facelift procedure, but a Lifestyle Lift scores higher in this respect too. A properly done Lifestyle Lift brings back your youthful natural looking face without any sign of artificiality. Believe it or not, after a Lifestyle Lift your friends won’t make fun of you, in fact they will admire you for your looks.

Advantage of combining various Lifestyle Lift Procedures

Having a single Lifestyle Lift has so many advantages; so just imagine how many advantages will be there by combining various Lifestyle Lift procedures. Moreover, you won’t like looking good from one angle and bad from another angle, so we suggest you to combine various procedures with the Lifestyle Lift procedure. When getting various procedures together with Lifestyle Lift, your recovery time remains the same, so what’s the harm? This in turn, lets you take short break off work for not one but various Lifestyle Lift procedures, so this too is an advantage of combining many procedures together.