Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Who founded Lifestyle Lift?

The Lifestyle Lift is a procedure that can bring back an individual’s lost beauty and can make him/her look young, just as they feel in their heart. Today, it’s possible for anyone to look younger, refreshed and completely natural with the help of Lifestyle Lift. Most women or men have no choice but to just live with their aging looks or get some big expensive procedure. Now they have the choice - A Lifestyle Lift procedure by Lifestyle Lift center that can transform their looks for the better.

The procedure was discovered by Dr David M. Kent in 2001. Dr Kent is a well known figure in the field of facial plastic surgery. He has additional experience in head and neck trauma, head and neck cancer and pediatric head and neck surgeries. When a patient came to him seeking his advice on improving her looks, Dr Kent realized that the woman did not need a traditional cosmetic surgery as such but needed something that was effective in addressing the main issues that crop from aging skin. Dr Kent set about to do a new procedure on the woman and the woman was very impressed by the results. What was more amazing was that the woman was able to go back to her way of life soon after the procedure. The change affected her personal and professional life positively also. Dr Kent named the procedure Lifestyle Lift.

Basically, the Lifestyle Lift procedure gathers the loose facial muscles under the skin with sutures to make the face look younger and attractive again. The process is fast and safe as the whole procedure is done under local anesthesia so that the person undergoing it is safe from the ill effects of general anesthesia. A person can ask for additional processes at Lifestyle Lift to get the look they desire. By using all these techniques, the dream of looking younger can come true for every woman or man. Another advantage of Lifestyle Lift is that it is relatively cheaper than other traditional face lift or plastic surgery procedures and the results last the same as that of any other traditional method.

The Lifestyle Lift procedure works wonders in dramatically increasing the youthful look of the face.