Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What can Lifestyle Lift do for me?

Have you ever felt that your face does not do justice to your age? You feel young at heart but you look like a grandmother. When you look at a mirror, you can see the consequence of aging on your face and as a result, you also feel aged no matter how young you are. In this current age, due to increasing mental and physical stress, many men and women experience the signs of aging a little too early. The mirror no longer shows the reflection of one’s age, but of the toils and troubles of one’s own life. Then, how can one fight this? The idea of a plastic surgery comes to mind, but we all know that the thought of a plastic surgery slightly abhorring as one has to go through an actual surgery, and the end result is always unexpected, one can always end up looking like complete stranger if the proper person does not do the whole procedure properly. There is a choice for those who want to look young again; Lifestyle Lift can make it happen.

Lifestyle Lift

Lifestyle Lift offers a facial firming procedure that is inexpensive and guarantees a long lasting, young look, as each Lifestyle Lift procedure is done according to the individual person. The person’s face is analyzed, and accordingly, during the procedure, the loose facial muscles are repositioned with the help of permanent sutures, any extra remaining skin is removed. Some liposuction on the face can also be done to further enhance a person’s look. The whole produce is carried out with local anesthesia, as a result there are no chances of complication that arise from general anesthesia, and the person is fit enough to leave the Lifestyle Lift facilities the very day of the procedure. Doctors who are experts in the field of plastic surgery and facial surgery conduct the procedure. No other doctor with any other specialty is trained to do the Lifestyle Lift. All of Lifestyle Lift’s doctors are Board Certified or at least Board Eligible to perform the procedure. As a result, what one gets out of the experience is a youthful look that is long lasting, inexpensive, evasive, fast, with almost no distress at all.

How is Lifestyle Lift Different from a Threadlift?

To most, Lifestyle Lift may seem like a ThreadLift but Lifestyle Lift is different from a ThreadLift as in a ThreadLift procedure, sutures that shaped like barbwire are used to relocate the muscles. The result of a Lifestyle Lift procedure is more long lasting than any ThreadLift. The Lifestyle Lift procedure concentrates on the jaw line, wrinkles, and frown lines. Due to prolonged exposure to the sun and subsequent deposition of fat as these areas, these are the parts that show the most aging. When jowls and fat deposits become visible around the neck or if the face looks over aged then the Lifestyle Lift is a viable choice for anyone who wishes to look young. To get a personal consultation, approach the nearest Lifestyle Lift center.